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Bushra Kechiche

Bushra lives in the beautiful coastal town of Hergla, 10 km north of the city of Sousse. Passing white buildings with blue doors and bright pink flowers hanging overhead, you'll stumble upon her workshop where she creates beautiful homeware and accessories using natural materials. Halfa is her speciality- wild growing organic grass which is picked, soaked and dried before being handwoven into products to sell.
We discovered her in an online Tunisian artisans forum and immediately liked her contemporary styles with this traditional method of making, passed down to her by her mother. She received start up support from the Kechiche family, also native to Hergla but now living and working in France. This enabled her to have her own workshop, access tools and start attending trade fairs across Tunisia where her work is gathering attention.
When we first met Bushra was excited about the prospect of exporting but hadn't gone through the logistics of doing so before. With support from The Wee Souk and the dear Kechiche family, within two months of meeting Bushra our first order arrived.

Her mirrors, ceiling lights and kilim cushions are available to buy now.

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