The Artisan

Halima and Monia Aissaoui

Monia Aissaoui named her hand-weaving textile and embroidery company after her mother, Halima, who gave her the idea for the business and was its very first investor.

Managed by Monia and her daughter, this artisanal textile company creates everything from sheets and pillow covers to curtains. What makes them unique is how they integrate traditional Berber patterns and symbols into their designs. Originally, these symbols were painted by Berber women on their hands or face to communicate their family status, with certain designs showing that they were married or if they already had children. 

But producing intricate handmade textiles like these requires a lot of womanpower! So Halima Suarl partners with local women to craft these unique and traditional products, including stay-at-home mums looking to supplement their household income

The Artisan Products