February 2021

Brand Personality – Introducing The Wee Souk


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The last week has flown by with lots of behind the scenes action including purchasing trips to the medina (by video call unfortunately, wah!) and confirmation of new artisans and suppliers.  I also managed to attend 4 incredible Business Gateway webinars! These events are free and an amazing resource for both startups and established businesses/entrepreneurs. I’d assumed the courses would be outdated and underfunded (sorry Business Gateway!).  However they were phenomenal with practical advice delivered by industry experts. From building your website to photography for social media, finance and more – you will find the support needed.

Whilst all the webinars I attended were invaluable, the one I’ve thought about most over the last week focused on Brand Personality. I thought I had a really clear vision of The Wee Souk however the brand personality questionnaire exercise proved me wrong! Knowing my motivations for starting the business is part of the brand but not the brand itself. I’ve also had to work on separating the brand from me which is hard as a sole trader pouring so much of myself into everything I am doing. So who is The Wee Souk? The answer will undoubtedly evolve as I learn and it (hopefully!) grows, but it’s core values are here to stay!


We invite you to slow down. We value the hours & weeks of work that go into each treasure crafted by the artisans we work with. The Wee Souk brings you timeless adornments to be enjoyed over years, only growing in their beauty as they take on the uniqueness of you, your memories and your ambiance.


We believe with tradition comes connection and a greater sense of self. Whether its woven palm leaves or woolen rugs, we honour and respect each method and shine a light on Tunisia’s unique blend of cultures.


We treat all our stakeholders (artisans and customers) as special guests visiting our home. Attentive to your needs, full of warmth and generosity of spirit. And we will always throw a cup of water after you leave…. an Arab tradition that ensures your return!


We strive to pay artisans directly for their work and always do so as soon as goods are shipped to us. Occasionally we buy items from the medina traders. We are happy to support their livelihoods which have been ravaged by the impact of terrorism and Covid on tourism. We are particularly motivated to work with women & those living in rural areas of Tunisia.

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