Meet the Maker; Sana Mbarek

Sana MBAREK, a talented young designer and Tunisian artist who did her master’s degree in textile design at the School of Fine Arts in MALAGA in Spain, gave us the honor of entrusting us with the sale of her original products and the brand that she courageously created on her return to her native Tunisia, Mizam brand.

MIZAM is a Tunisian brand that gives life to a student project, the dream of a young passionate woman who strolled the Spanish streets thinking of all the beauty and modernity with which the traditional leather Balgha, immutable for centuries, could be parried to be adapted to a use of the 21st century, which became a reality thanks to her determination and her hard work.

Her love for Design and her sense of aesthetics gave life to products distinguished by their unique style inspired by her heritage as well as by a range of strong colors and materials carefully chosen for optimal comfort of use.

A project resulting from a great passion for design and a love of textile materials, atypical for its explosive colors and artistic forms that she draws from her exceptional creativity and her undeniable talent.

All this modernity is anchored in solid Tunisian roots, Sana remains faithful to her culture and works in an approach of fair and responsible trade so dear to our shop, in the respect of the codes of her culture. She creates her own printed patterns, shapes and models and finishes her design work with Tunisian artisans and workshops.
Her creative approach aims to give a unique and inimitable style to her customers, she mainly works with balgha, the famous Tunisian slipper, but her creativity targets a wide range of leather goods and decoration products.

“MIZAM means my characteristic ‘ميزتي’ because everyone is unique in their own way and that’s what I want to offer my customers, a touch of originality and uniqueness that I try to convey in each of my models”

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