The Artisan

Mariem Ben Ltaifa

Mariem lives and works in the capital, Tunis though her family lives in a large suburb of the city of Sousse. Her work has taken across the world in the field of youth development where she operates as a trainer and facilitator.
On her weekends, she often visits family and enjoys spending her evenings chatting, watching old Tunisian television series and letting her creative side take over as she crochets exclusively for The Wee Souk.
Her collection includes totes, messenger bags, headbands, purses and cosmetics bags. Her work has become a firm favourite with friends of The Wee Souk who adore her beautiful colour compositions and unique patterns.
In addition to being one of the original artisans of The Wee Souk, Mariem helped us establish the business. We owe an incredible amount to her and her family.

You can watch our video conversation with Mariem about all things crochet on Instagram here.

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