A collection of shopping and storage baskets handwoven using sustainable palm leaves in Tunisia.  Stylish and environmentally conscious, palm leaf adds Bohemian cool to the individual and their home.

Basket weaving is a traditional method used across the world.  In Tunisia, it is commonly practised by women living in the south of the country.  It is a way of supplementing their income owing to the use of naturally occurring materials.

Where possible, we buy our palm leaf products directly from the women who make them.  We have honest and open communication with artisans and the utmost respect for their skill and time.  We always pay for products and postage the day they are sent to us, never asking them to wait until sold.

Due to the current impact on market traders caused by a reduction in tourism to Tunisia, we consequently support them and their families by purchasing products.

Organic palm leaf baskets are sustainable, durable and stylish.

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